Life is kind of busy at this moment I am managing this new blog of mine. Thanks again to momgen for the layout and to my sister jijie for the domain. I am still adding some stuff, widgets, and links of my blog buddies and friends I met online. I am working on the entrecard widget also so that this blog will gain visitors, readers and hopefully some sort of ranks waaaaaa. I’m gonna try to look for other resources on how to generate more traffic to my blog. I already had few of them in my other blog but it seems like its not showing any improvement yet. I’m thankful I have found nice people and met friends who always visited my blog. Thank you all guys, nothing change I’m still going to visit your awesome blog everyday. If anyone would like to exchange links with me, please feel free to ask me or add my links and tell me so that I could add yours. I would love to exchange links with you all guys, and I would appreciate it a lot if you add my links too.