I’ve been tagged by my friends in this blogland such as, Baby Sam of Samantha’s own, tsang Dhemz of My life’s Perception and Inspiration and Momgen of Wonderful things in Life. Thanks girls for the tag. So guys here are my 8 things tag.

8 things I’m looking forward to:
– Family Visit to the Philippines
– Giving birth to my little princess
– Moving to our new place
– Watching my babies grow
– Vacation this summer
– More opportunity
– Jake Calling me Mama
– Family fun time we could do everyday.

8 things I did yesterday:
– Blogging and drop a little
– Changing Jake’s poopy diaper waaaa
– Giving Jake a bath
– Watching TV
– Took a nap
– Talked to my sister on the phone
– Cook meals
– Chatting

8 things I wish I could do:
– Working
– Finished my masters
– Get a decent Job
– Go to church more often
– Talk to my family more often
– Help my sister and parents financially
– Spend more time playing with jake
– Exercise and take a walk a lot

8 shows I watch:
– Cartoons
– Beverly Hills 90210
– Food Network Challenge
– One Tree Hill
– The OC
– Baby Story and Bringing Home the Baby
– The 70’s Show
– House, Monk, SVU,Life

8 people I tag;
– Cecile
– Momgen
– Manna
– tsang Dhemz
– Melody
– Ness
– Tetcha
– Willa