Yesterday, I received something at the mail from Tsang Dhemz and Momgen. I am soooo lucky and blessed to have friends like them, they are one of my closest friends on line. Not just gifted with beautiful faces, but beautiful hearts as well. These two ladies are so creative in many ways, they can do blog designs, they can cook, they have wonderful family and they also have tons of nice friends online. The word “Thank You” is not enough how thankful I am for the warm friendship and everything. love yah guys!

Thanks tsang dhemz and pretty akesha for the gift, well Jake like the stuff you shared, he can’t stop going back to the kitchen to ask for that sweet, pink sugary thing you gave and thanks a bunch tsang dhemz for this goodies with nice aroma, hmmmm num num I love it hehehehehe. You know what I’m talking about, let’s keep it a secret, but one day I’ll share it in here, when its cook lol.

As you all know, Dhemz is the author of My life’s Perception and Inspiration and The Dias family Spot, just click the header I stole from her blog oppppssss plagiarisim hehehehe. She has a lot of rocket so, just check out her blogs and see all her blog designs she made and freebies.

I want to thank Momgen for everything, too many to mention what those stuff are hehehe. Momgen has a lot of blogs one of them is Life’s Journey where she posted everything there about her husband and son and their journey. Yesterday, I got a card from her on the mail, the other one was the one I ordered for my MIL and she gave me a friendship card, which she created by herself. She also has talent in designing, blog and paper designs, scrapping too many to mention again. In fact she has like 5 store online to display all her goodies, aside from her 8 or 9 blogs. She is such a hardworking person I know.

Inside the package, are the cards I ordered for my MIL’s birthday and the friendship card she gave to me, see the cards above, isn’t it pretty?
Visit momgen’s DARLINGROSE PAPER GOODS @ Etsy. Im sure you will love all the designs she made for birthdays and any occassion.
Just click the header below, This is Momgen’s main blog Wonderful Things In life. You can read a lot of informative, interesting and inspiring post in her blog.
I stole this again from her blogs hehehehe Omg! I am so much in trouble for this hehehe, well, with your permission ladies, I m gonna steal your header for this post