FYI; My Grandparents in my mother side has raised 16 kids. My Mama was the second from the eldest. I lost count with all their grandkids. Very hardworking huh!

I really do miss my family and relatives in the philippines, i may say, we are not perfect and i don’t think there’s a perfect family out there, but we do have fun when we get together, we fight sometimes, there’s probably a lot of arguments and competition, but we do stick with our love ones no matter what. This are our little cousins, uncle and aunties on our maternal side of the family, and i tell yah! we don’t get along very often, when we we’re kids, it seems like most of our aunts in this side of the family hates us, maybe some still do until now, but for me, its all under the bridge now, they are family and they always will be no matter what happened in the past. This was really a good party, kelly got drunk just hanging out with my papa’s friends, man! they do drink seriously.