My 17 months old son Jake has shown interest in classical music. He likes children songs too but this classical music has different effect on him. We are hoping he would grow to love that kind of music just like his late Grandfather. According to my husband, his late Dad was a good pianist, and can play other instruments too before he was teaching economics at one of the prestigious school in their place. My Mother-in-law suggested us to buy a piano for Jake so that he will learn how to play one and maybe someday we could enroll him for some piano lesson. If you have the interest in playing piano and want to improve you skills to be a better pianist, then you should check out this Free Sheet Music and take your piano playing to the next level. They have piano lesson for intermediate & advanced players as well as DVD that will help to imporve your skills in playing piano and able to Read Music in no time. Becoming an efficient piano or music sight reader takes a lot of practice. There are few rules that will help speed up and help improve your Sight Reading abilities. Do you know that music sight reading skills and accompaniments skills are the two most important skills any pianist can possess? Learn more tips on how to become better at Piano Sight Reading and share your talent to everyone.