It’s Halloween trick or treat time and it is also a photo hunting time. This week theme is about bags, and I happened to hunt my picture folder and saw this bag that has been with me for decade now. I always take this bag anywhere, and there was one time when I was still in the Philippines. I was with my friend and we were on the jeepney going to the mall. We were so busy chatting and talking, we didn’t notice that there was this woman in her 40s who sat next to me. So, while we were busy talking, the hand of this woman was busy undoing the string in my bag. My bag was on my lap and she covered it with her fan or something. I felt that my bag was moving at that time so I turn my head around to look at her and saw her face blank as she was shocked that I caught her. She took off right away as soon as the jeepney stopped feeling embarrassed. That woman was a snatcher, and one of the snatcher modus operandi is to seat next besides you with their coat on their lap to cover part of your stuff so they have access to snatch your wallet or cellphone or valuable accessories in your purse.
My bag is a saviour, the string inside helped, in taking a long time for that woman to open my bag. And besides, this bag is so small and easy to carry anywhere I go. Now I am using it to put couple of diapers,wipes, juice and food for Jake whenever I took him for a walk.
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