Social media on Internet is really cool as it brings back the communication to some of our old friends. When my sister invited me to sign up in friendster, multiply, and others, I was hesitant because I don’t know how to get started and I am not sure if it is safe. So, I opened a friendster account and few days after I saw lots of invites from some of my new friends, old friends and the rest of other stranger people who use friendster too. I was so happy when I saw one familiar friend that I met before when I was working at Orange Brutus. This guy has the potential to land a job in a corporate video production because he is smart and full of smart and creative ideas. He used to be a crew like me then the company pulled him out and assigned him in a marketing department. He was the friendliest guy I have ever met, and most of his friends are girls. When he finished college, he got an offer to work abroad which is related to marketing. I did not ask what company was that, but it sounds like a great job. They also produce video production for different companies. Sounds like a very promising career he is having right now.