Few days ago I chatted to my friend at yahoo messenger. We joked around as finally she can get married anytime if Gods will because her older sister just tied a knot to her boyfriend recently. Her older sister is also a good friend of mine. So, my friend forwarded me some of the wedding pictures and it was all beautiful. The wedding dress was stunning as well as the whole entourage. I enjoyed looking at the pictures, the bride and the groom was happy. I told my friend if ever she will get married I will pay for the wedding invitations. I know a friend also who print wedding invitations as their family business but it is more convenient for me to order it online. We talked lots of things, about her work, and our friends. I wonder whose friend of mine will be next in line to get married this year 2010. Since Philippines are 12 hours ahead from the US she said goodbye first as it was night time over there when we chatted. It made me happy to see my friend got married. I hope those other five single friend of mine will get hitch soon.