Anyone wants calamare or calamares? Well go to Korean store uphill at squirrel hills Pittsburgh and buy their clean and big squid heheeh. TGIF once again and thank God I finally eaten a bunch of seafood this week. I asked my husband to drive me to korean store so i can buy pancit, bihon, shrimps, mung bean, and other. I had been there many times before but never seen any squid, so when I saw this big squid i grabbed it right away. It cost $5.99 for two pieces of big squid that is already cleaned. I look online for calamare recipe and luckily I found one that is very simple to do. All you need is egg white, lime juice or 5 pieces of lemon for the marinade and fry it in an oil as simple as that. I got tartar zest which is good for seafood dipping and I’m good to go. Even Joe who doesn’t eat seafood love it as in loving it. He can’t stop eating, he only save four pieces of calamares for me. I’m planning to make a trip again in that store to buy more squid. Visit FTF hosted by Willa for more yummylicious foods.