In the eastern part of the United States the weather is a little bit chilly right now while in the western part of the United States the weather is already nice and warm. The weather is one reason why people prefer to live in the western part of the United States. Plus the real estate market is another reason for people to move, especially in southern California. The Orange County is the second most populous county in California and the county is famous for its tourism. Lots of attraction to enjoy with and several beaches close by the coast. Other place around the west coast of the United States is San Diego. It is the ninth largest city in the United States, second-largest city in California and 46th largest city in the Americas.

According from Wikipedia;
San Diego is also the largest city of Southern Border and is the region’s western anchor. The city was rated the fifth best place to live in 2006 by Money Magazine. According to Forbes the city of San Diego ranks as the fifth wealthiest in the United States.

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