Why June becomes the wedding bells season? Why not December or May? Well, according to my source the tradition of being married in June started in the 1500’s, and that tradition held fast until recent years, with brides deviating from the traditional June wedding, and planning their nuptials for other months.

How did the June wedding become so popular?
In the 1500’s, people took their yearly baths in May, when the weather warmed up.
By June, they were still fairly clean and smelled pretty good, compared to the rest of the year. However, body odor had returned, so the bride’s carried a bouquet of fresh flowers to mask the scent of the body odor. June weddings and bridal bouquets started because people only took a bath once a year in May.

This is what I found when I search online why people preferably women wants to be wed or married in June. However, other couple also prefers to hire a wedding planner instead of planning their own wedding. For me, planning your own wedding is the best and exciting part of getting married. You will enjoy and learn in finding the perfect wedding invitations that will match with your motif. I never experienced a grand wedding for myself but when my best friend got married I was there helping her distributing the save the date cards to some of our friends as well as the wedding invitations. You can even print your own wedding invitation with our advance technology and printing devices. You can customize your own wedding invitations and save the date cards that fit to your style and designs. June is approaching and perhaps lots of couple is planning to have a June wedding celebrations. So, check out online and enjoy planning your own wedding now.