Fish SauceWhen Lulu sent me the package that we shopped at AMI she included few items she bought at the Asian store in their place.  This Fish sauce was one of the yummy goodies.  When she told me over our chitchat that she included fish sauce the first thing popped out in my mind was some kind of a dipping sauce.  I had no idea it’s the sauce which we called back home ginamos.  It was delicious and I can eat it without getting into the trouble of cooking and more.  Who would have thought that this product is being imported here in the US and the price is a bit pricy I suppose.  In the Philippines, fish sauce is one of those viand that we can ask from our nieghbors or buy it for 1 pesos to php 5.00.  But here if you convert the price from dollar to peso it cost roughly 200 pesos.  It’s worth it I guess as I get full stomach everytime I am having this on top of my rice. :-D