Energy saving tips and information is what we need right now. Find energy saving tips and suggestions at Microsoft Hohm. You can also received home energy report on the mail if you sign up with Hohm as they provide you with a home energy report and energy-saving recommendations tailored to your home. Their site has all the information you need to know. It is so easy to use and very useful in saving energy and saving money. If we know how to conserve energy this idea would help save the environment. Perhaps almost all households are experiencing high energy bills these past few months due the usage of electric space heater during the winter season. If some of you don’t well you are lucky. Our electricity bills went up to almost $300 couple of months ago. For you that amount is not that big but for us it matters a lot. We have everything budgeted from grocery to daily needs. But when our electricity went up our budget was ruined. We had to think of ways to conserve energy and lower our electric bills. We turn off some of our home appliances if we’re not using it, and shut it out if we left our house. After couple of months doing that it made a difference to our energy bills. Although there are there some energy habits that we are going to change such as using both home appliances at once TV and DVD or playing two radios at the same time. Sometimes old habit hard to die and that is why we have to work harder on this kind of habits to keep a low energy bills. So, start saving energy and money now by visiting the website Sign up for a free account so that you can start reducing your home energy and start saving money today.