Another friend of mine just got married few months ago. Actually, she is my friend’s older sister but we became close because I always hanged out at my friends place during school break. I saw some of their wedding pictures at face book and so happy for her. I teased my friend that now her sister is already married she will be the next bride. I told her if she will get married don’t forget to send me wedding invitations. I know it’s very impossible to be there on her wedding because I am million miles away from the Philippines. But hey! Who knows? So, two of my close friend’s sister were married already. Part of me is jealous of their reception, wedding gowns and entourage because I never experience to have a grand wedding. I still hope though that someday I’d be able to walk in the aisle and send out invitations to my close friends and family. That’s the part of my life that I really dream to have. Anyhow, I am glad that face book brought us the bridge to connect with our old friends back home and see how they are doing. I can also view pictures of my family, friends, and former co-teachers. One day I won’t be surprised if I see lots of pictures of my friends in wedding gowns because they are not getting any younger. They are just waiting for the right guy to come along in their lives. I’d be happy to help them out with the wedding invitations as it is the easy thing to do because you can order it online. Alright guys hope you will have a great weekend.