My main reason before to use Facebook was to try this farming craze that buzzing around the blogland at that time. I had twitter and friendster but I only had those for blog purposes and family matters. So, after I tried few of their games i got addicted to it and I also got few freebies thru FB. Getting free stuff just for simple fun stuff like and answering some guessing game questions was cool. My addiction to FB was taken to the next level. I accepted friends invites even other friends of friends whom i don’t really know. I played all those games that i got invites and the best part was able to connect with my close friends in Cebu, co-teachers and childhood friends back in grade school and high school. I also able to see pictures of my aunt, half brother, nephew and niece and cousins that i am very close with when i was still in Cebu. :-D

I went online early yesterday in Facebook and my uncle (husband of my aunt was online too) He wanted to chat with me but FB chatbox wasn’t working well lately. So, finally yesterday he got a hold of me and we chatted a few. I had big respect with my uncle but I was shocked when he started to say the word like GRABEHA TITING AHH PASPAS MAN KAAYO HIMU UG BATA..which means I make baby really quick. That was really so awkward and out of topic.  That was really shocking statement coming from someone i respected :shock: . You don’t say that kind of word to your niece or even to someone else :no: . Sometimes people don’t think right before uttering words like that. It really sound so offensive, doesn’t it?  Then, i ignored what he said and ask about what was up with them right now in Cebu.  Then he asked me of when will I be going home.  So, I answered if we have enough savings for plane tickets for the four of us.  His answer was, DAGHAN NA D AY KA UG TINIGUM RON, WITIK NYA HA seems like you have lots of savings now, give us some okay.  WTF!!!  After I read his reply, i did not waste my time replying or chatting to him and beside my son pooped so I had to attend him first than talking to some non sense conversation.  I know he was just joking but sometimes let us be professional or be human like in chatting even if they are our relatives.  There is always a right place and time for silly chat or jokes and there is also right time for serious one.