This past weeks I had been waking up early and sleeping late. I don’t take a nap at the middle of the day and fight myself not to fall asleep either even if I am really tired. Instead of doing my chores and task earlier of the day I played games in facebook and do my task at night. My daughter also has been fussing and wanted to be held all the so so while blogging and playing I am holding her. I type with one hand and carrying Justine in the other hand. Today, I already scheduled and set in my mind to spend the day visiting back other blogs but then things had changed. We went to the playground this afternoon and stopped by at subway to get some food. I had couple of footlong sandwich. I ate the half footlong at subway and take home 1 footlong sandwich and finished it when I got home. I gobbled all of them that it made me feel sick. :pig: I lay down in the couch and drifted to sleep. :yawn: :ZZZ: :ZZZ: Hubby was trying to wake me up because he knows I have lots of things to do online but my body and whole system wasn’t cooperating. I was very tired. I just got up and it’s 10:30 already. Waaaaaa I don’t know if I can do all my task. I thought I am superwoman or wonderwoman to survived the day without sleeping. I apologize everyone if I won’t be able to visit your blog today. I am not really sure if I can do my adgitize today either. I missed adgitizing last night also. I’ll visit some of your tonight and do the rest tomorrow. Right now I am still feeling like a crap, I don’t know if I make sense with what i just wrote. Anyhow, had to say so long for now had to finish couple of opps and off to bloghopping.