Would you like to own a brand new COACH Satchel bag? If you do then, you would want to enter the $300 Worth Brand New COACH Satchel Bag Contest hosted by Umma author of Mom Conversation.com. I love bags but sad to say those bags that I would love to have are quite expensive. Couple of months ago I was searching at eBay for branded bag such as Coach, Louis Vuitton , Guess, and more more yummy bags that is hopefully affordable and on sale. I am just too ambitious to own this signature bag. Even if this kind of bags are on sale, they never lower to a 100 bucks as their selling price!!! What am I thinking? Thanks to Umma for inviting me to take part of her blog contest. I hope, pray and wish that I will win this bag so i can brag to the whole world that i have Coach Bag waaaaaa. LMAO. Take a glance of the bag and eat your heart out. Below are also the sponsors of the said contest.

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The contest is open to all bloggers worldwide and will run from June 28th until July 28th. Enter now and join the fun as the contest officially starts today 6/28 and will end on 7/28 around 11:59 PM (California time). If you stumble this post and decided to enter the contest please include in your comments that you are referred by Sheila/Shydub. Thank You!