Thanks to guest blogger Tonya Van for writing this post.

Who can forget the premier of the comedy, CBS’s How I Met Your Mother that has taken 5 seasons to reveal who the mother to Ted Mosby’s two kids is. I was floored by the ending of the pilot episode when we are informed by Future Ted’s voice-over, played by Bob Saget, that his girlfriend, Canadian Robin, is not the ‘mother’ in question. The story follows best friends Ted, Robin, married couple Marshall and Lilly and eccentric playboy Barney Stinson as they live everyday life in Manhattan. The story’s main aim is to figure out from all the women that Ted comes in contact with, who his wife in present day is.

Each episode begins with either a shot of Future Ted’s son and daughter or a shot of the New York skyline, but it always begins with the word ‘Kids…’.The most memorable season finale was the first season when Robin and Ted begin to date exclusively while Lily and Marshal take a break from their relationship with Lily leaving to follow her artistic dreams. What makes this series so addictive is Barney’s unpredictable dating life and his famous ‘Legendary’ catch phrase. Barney is Ted’s self-appointed best friend.

Five seasons later and even if we do not yet know how ‘he met their mother’, we remain glued to this show on Satellite TV with directv pay per view. It probably will be so until the day we find out who the mystery woman is.