Thanks to guest blogger Nancy Simon for the great post!

Having a DVR has made life so much more wonderful. I live in Indiana and found good deals on munster sateliteTV. Before I had my DVR, I either had to sacrifice something else that I wanted to do, or miss my show completely. Most of the shows that I watch build on each other throughout the season. Therefore, if you miss one week, it is hard to understand what is going on the next week. Having a DVR makes that problem go away completely. Good thing I signed up for satellite TV so I could get this great DVR.

When you have a DVR, the weekend can be much better as well. Most people know that all the really good shows come on either Monday through Thursday, with an occasional Friday goodie. I am very busy during the week, but then catch myself wanting to zone out to a show I like on Saturday afternoon. Since I DVR most of my favorite shows, this enables me to completely enjoy my Saturday like never before.

I also really enjoy using my DVR to record old shows. I used to really enjoy Matlock, but I could never catch them in order. Now, I have my DVR set to record them every day while I am at work, so that I can watch them in the precise order that I want. My DVR has really made my television hobby extremely nice.