Welcome to Monday Mayhem.
This week’s meme is called “The Awards” and it is based upon awards that are circulating around the internet. Feel free to pass the awards on to other’s in your post or to just have fun with the meme questions. Congratulations on getting these awards by ther way :)
Have fun!

The Super Comments Award

  1. If you could interview anyone in the world for your blog, who would you choose and why? Harriet,  I wanna know her real name ?:-)
  2. Can you remember your last dream? What was it?Yes, last night i dreamt that my mortal enemy and I are friends again because she gave me some perfume in my dream. :ZZZ:
  3. Name 3 places you’d like to go on vacation too. Philippines :island: , California  :flagus: , Paris :airplane:
  4. What scares you the most? Rapist or Killer :zombiekiller:
  5. What is your favorite book of all time? None :no:
  6. What’s the funniest movie that you’ve seen? Meet The Fockers :film:
  7. Where are your kids right now?Sleeping; one in his bed and the youngest in the playpen. :ZZZ:
  8. What was the last thing you ate?Shrimp and rice
  9. Are you usually late, early or right on time?Late
  10. What is your favorite band or singer?I like Barry Manilow and the carpenter

The Creative Blogger Award
Tell up to six outrageous lies about yourself, and at least one outrageous truth – or – switch it around and tell six outrageous truths and one outrageous lie.
1. I stole 500 pesos from my sister’s wallet and pretend like innocent when she asked me. (but she knows I stole the money she just can’t prove it because of my facial reaction)
2. I didn’t show up during the Police officer board exam as a proctor or examiner.(I was out of town for beach getaway and forgot the examination)
3. I didn’t tell my parent when I went to Japan.(but when i was in japan I gave them a call and told them that i was at friends house, and they found out anyway.)
4. Play prank with my old co teacher that I am lesbian and i want to court her.(She was 40+ and very conservative)
5. Lied to my parents when my sister came home from the US (but I showed them our pictures and let them to figured it out)
6. I am beautiful
I am beautiful whohahahaha

The Versatile Blogger –

Share 7 things about yourself.

I’m nice when I’m sleeping

I’m beautiful according to myself

I’m sexy according to my hubby

I’m pretty according to my mirror

I’m cool Mom according to my kids

I’m awesome because I’m awesome

Seriously, I’m 33 years very old grrrrrr

Thanks for playing and we will see you next week!