Every time my sister visited us, she always cooks foods that I don’t usually cook in my kitchen.  But this time i let her do the bihon because every time i cook bihon it won’t come out good.  I wanna see how she cooks the bihon.  She also made a Chicken Alfredo which has the same procedure as the spaghetti.  When she was here we have bunch of food in our ref. We also had left over cookies and unbaked cookie in the ref. Jake and I love cakes and hubby love cheese cake. After she left it didn’t take a day or two the bihon was gone. I finished it all up, then the next day the cookies and cakes. Now we don’t have any yummy food to munch. My beauty is back to cooking again but this past couple of nights we have been going out for dinner. So. tomorrow the maid will back back cooking again because we don’t have money for eating out.