Nostalgia time once again hosted by Nostalgic Marvelling. When the Nostalgia meme was launched there was one picture of ours that I been wanting to share. I’m glad my sister found it in my Mom’s kaban. Another Recovered Photo that bring so much wonderful memories in my childhood life. Here it is folks… our old picture where my sister and I looking so yamukmuk(ugly fugly and skinny) in the pineapple fields.

The girl standing in the middle is my 4th sibs Weng. The one in front wearing white shirt is my Sister Chel, the one in Vegas.  The one wearing blue stripe shirt and behind her were my very close friends from birth up to the time we part ways and lost contact with each other.  We were born on the same year and we became more than best friend.  The rest were our closest childhood friends.  As we grow older and move to different places, we also lost communication.  I think I was still in Grade 6 in this picture.  Weng and our youngest are the ones left at home right now. Know more about My Siblings and where they are right now.

In this picture, we went to pick out some guava and mango in some village like 3 to 4 miles away from our place. On our way home we run into Weng’s Godfather who happen to be a Photographer. He took a quick snap of us right at the middle of the Pineapple fields.  Who would have thought, that the skinny girl who don’t know how to comb hair back then grew up to be this pretty.  She has lots of boyfriends but she still single right now.
And that skinny girl in that pic is Chel.  Her name actually is Rachael pronounced as Raquel.
Just forget about me as I look so funny in that picture.  So obvious that I was a tomboy back then.