This was written by Justin Beal

Ahh… March Madness, the prelude to spring weather and the fever it creates among the sports enthusiasts across the nation, inspiring millions of self proclaimed basketball experts of every level to pick the final four survivors in virtually, every work environment known to mankind. This pre-spring sports phenomenon causes millions of viewers, including myself, to become glued to the television to witness the upsets, the close calls, the blown calls, the no calls and miracle shots. I love nothing more than viewing the live demonstrations of nerve, skill, ability and passion for my beloved game of basketball. That’s why I looked at satellite tv vs cable before it started so I could see everything. Viewing a tightly contested game of basketball, riding the emotional roller coaster while rooting for your team to emerge victorious, does not compare to watching ESPN highlights. In addition to watching my favorite contending team (which happens to be Michigan StateI am also treated to a plethora of viewing other college teams, rising stars and head to head match ups, that only exist at this time of year on television. For a basketball fanatic like myself, there is nothing greater than boasting my knowledge of the game with other self proclaimed geniuses of the round ball, and to have my picks come out on top.