I have been blogging about my son’s favorite show Hi-5. It’s a show that kids love with high energy fun, educational and interactive. At first I love it because it made my son stay in place while watching his show. But lately, it sickens me already listening to the same songs and watching to the same people everyday. He plays the DVD as soon as he got up from bed and until he goes to bed at night. I bought this Hi-5 DVD from eBay couple of weeks ago. It’s very destructing when I am blogging and writing post including the topic about best diet pills. I can’t concentrate because all I hear is the Hi-5 songs like Wonderful, robot number 1 and more. There is one song called Robot #1 that he likes playing again and again. Not only that as he also want me to draw the robot, and not just one robot but family of robots. He throws tantrum if we shut the DVD off and switch it other shows. That is why I prefer to blog late at night because it’s quite and I can finish my task easily.