I hate to admit it but i missed two nostalgia entries for this month. Now it’s time to share my nostalgia to fellow nostalgic people hehe. This is not about the freezing Alaska; it’s the hottest Alaska rather. Alaska Elementary School was one of the schools that i experienced to teach as substitute teacher before I got hired as regular permanent. I handled Grade 5 and my aunt class was one of them. Too bad i only got to served 15 days as i was instructed to report to the district for my permanent assignment or item. I was supposed to teach there for 2 months. That assignment was really cool because my aunt would assign one pupil to list the kids who misbehave and she will take care of the punishment. My class was always quite because they were scared to be listed and pay some fine or punishment.
2nd from the left is my Aunt.
I think this is now the latest Thursday uniform.  Before I left, i give away my uniforms including this type of uniform to my former fellow teacher.  In public schools, teachers will receive 4k for uniforms, but i think they had an increase now.

Everytime I see latest pictures that my aunt regulary post in her facebook i get nostalgia. I am happy with my kids right now but feeling nostalgic is a natural feeling. Share your story and the things that makes you feel nostalgic. Click the button on top. Anyway, thanks to badingding for hosting meme.