I was so busy reading about creatine supplement reviews that I totally forgot the Nostalgia. It’s one of my favorite meme every Thursday hosted by bading Rose.


Last Monday the kids and I went to Joe’s work at Duquesne University. When i saw his unorganized office I noticed right away the box that is full of stuff. This is the same box I made 3 years ago, when I first came in to his office. It is made out of bond paper and I think it is also an origami which I learned back then in my Elementary days. It made me feel a little nostalgic thinking of how hard our situation back then. Imagine I had to make a box for his pens and pencils because he can’t afford to buy one. Well, he can afford to buy but he just doesn’t want to buy a pencil case. My husband is good in taking care of stuff but worst in organizing.

While we were there inside his office i also made a new one for Jake’s trash.

Share you Nostalgic moment and post anything that reminds you of a place, somebody, or something such as Old pictures, souvenir from friends, family, or place that you visited, experience or story. It feels good to remenisce happy and sad memories. It doesn’t mean you want your old life back, it just that you feel nostalgic and sharing it with others feels good.