Guest post from: Steve Delaney

My favorite educational channel is The PBS Kids channel. I just love that there is a channel out there that is dedicated to training and educating our young children. These kids are our future and so many times we forget to consider their needs, especially their educational needs. Well, PBS Kids is one channel that has not forgotten the need to educate our young children. In fact they are dedicated to this goal and have found very effective ways to do it.

From their ever famous Barney show to their classic Sesame Street, PBS Kids has been dedicated for years to educating our young children. This is why I admire them and why I choose them when I sit in front of my satellite television from I love to see the happy look on the face of a child when they are watching their favorite PBS Kids program. Even more so I am happy to know that while they are being entertained, they are also learning. The skills they learn and the knowledge they gain from PBS Kids will last them until adult hood. It is such an amazing foundation that PBS Kids establishes with our young children.

I love turning on the satellite television and anticipating what great show is going to come on that will wow and woo children. This channel is worthy of a legacy and that can not be said for most television channels.