Last week I posted chicken adobo cooked in Mama Sita adobo mix that tsang Dhemz sent to me. This week another Mama sita mix from the same person that i gave it a try. Thank you muchos tsang for the goodies, you are the sweetest. Anyhow, i tried to make sweet and sour fish or escabeche using mama Sita Mix. I don’t have fresh fish which is good for this type of recipe instead, I used the Salmon that have been sleeping in my freezer. I just want to give it a try and find out how it taste like. So, the verdict was it taste different but it’s good. I am the only one eat fish in this dungeon so I had no choice but to finish this big fish. Well, I have choice but i don’t want to waste food guys.

Thanks to Marz Willa for hosting FTF and once again TGIF!