Eczema is a skin condition that extremely common to children and infants. It is a form of dermatitis that irritates skin all over the body. A person suffering with eczema would always feel itchy an uncomfortable as it often leaves the skin feeling dry, rough, flaky and unpleasant. I know how this eczema feels like because my son used to have bad eczema that made him miserable. Properly treatment would highly recommended to avoid infections. Eczema is thought to be brought on by overactive responses by the immune system to unknown triggers. Anyhow, we bought an eczema cream that helped get rid most of my son’s eczema. They are not totally cured yet but at least it lessens the irritation. There are still some red spots in his joint which is not as bad as before. I applied eczema cream and moisturizer to it everyday and after bath. So, if any member of your family suffering from eczema then, you should visit for information and guidelines in getting rid of eczema for good.