We had this couch for two years now. This is just some cheap couch that we bought from bargain store for only $400. That is why we are not so worried when it started wearing out. As you can see some of the thread is tearing up. We are thinking of buying a new couch in due time. I’ve been trying to cover this couch with blanket to protect from getting damage but my two nuggets keep pulling it off. And now they start jumping on it no matter how loud we yelled at them they still jumped on it. Kids always kids that even you put them to time outs they still keep doing the things that they enjoyed. I looked online for couch cover but to no avail I found a chair slipcover instead. This is perfect actually for our rocking chair but my two super hyper toddlers will probably ruin it. And besides I had it covered already with the one I sewed out from used bathroom towels. Anyhow, I love this chair cover (photo below) as a good protection from wearing out. It helps retain the good appearance of your furniture for a long time. If we have a chair like this I would surely buy one of this.