Posted by Hyman Weeks

One day you are in the yard raking leaves and the next you find your have lost your driveway under a deep blanket of snow, seems to happen that way every year. You know winter is coming, yet it sneaks up on you.

There are certain things I like to accomplish before the snow falls. We make sure the gutters are clean so that they are not full of leaves and snow. I change the furnace filters and turn the furnace on for a quick heat up just to make sure that it is working and I get no surprises when we really need it. As back up for the possible furnace problems we have propane heaters, I make sure we have a good supply of propane. I live in a big old farm house that is still in need of some renovation. That means I still have some pretty drafty windows and doors. Some of the storm windows are long ago lost or broken, so I use window insulator kits and my handy blow dryer to make sure the wind is not sneaking in. I also like to use the new window caulk that can be easily peeled of at the end of the season.

With all preparations complete, the kids and I can turn on the satellite television from and enjoy some family time.