Thanksgiving is just few days away and I’m pretty sure everybody is excited for the big shopping event after the Holiday. My family and I spent the Thanksgiving last year in Chicago and I have seen the night before, numbers of people from different places waiting outside at Macy’s, JCPenney and other known shopping stores getting ready for Black Friday shopping event. I also heard wonderful story from my friend who went shopping after Thanksgiving for the very first time. It got me curious but then I thought I would never wake up at 4:00 o clock in the morning just to shop. However, I am more excited about Black Friday this year not on the physical store but online. I have seen tons of great savings offer and sales online. I can even do my shopping today and still get big savings. And beside it’s kind of cold to get up early in the morning after Thanksgiving so I’d rather shop online. Well, Black Friday here I come.