We used to order pizza at Pizza Amier where my husband used to delivered pizza as his part time job during our first year of marriage. We needed extra money to paid off some of our debts and have the car fixed. Anyway, now that we moved to this new neighborhood in Greenfield we also stop ordering food from that food chain. We got tired of their food and aside from that we found cheaper pizza house close by. There is also a pizza hut that delivers pizza only but it’s expensive. Vocelli Pizza is the new place where we ordered pizza and have it delivered fresh to our door step.

Vocelli Slogan;
“Delivering Great Taste to Your Door”
“The Taste that SCREAMS Fresh!”

Vocelli Pizza is a pizzeria based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. As of 2008[update], the chain has opened stores in some other states in the US. The trade magazine Pizza Today ranked Vocelli Pizza in their Top 100 pizza franchises for 2007, based on its 2006 sales of $55 million.

Information I learned from Mr. Wikipedia