Guest post written by Arthur O’ Neil

The other day I was on the internet looking for new hearing aids on, when I thought about the idea of browsing for a new hobby. Winter is right around the corner up here in Maine, and when it comes, I feel like I’m typically stuck inside with my books and my television. Sometimes it’s nice to have some quiet time inside with my wife, but I’m the kind of person that really needs to get out in nature and take in some fresh air once in a while.

While online, I found a website that sells snowshoes. I own acres of land when winter comes around, all the snow accumulates and I really have to trudge through a lot to see the natural beauty in my own backyard. With a new pair of snowshoes it would be easy to get around in all the snow and I could really enjoy walking around throughout my land.

I decided to purchase two pairs of showshoes for my wife and me. Now that we are retired it is really important that we both stay active, even in the winter. These will help us get around no matter the weather conditions.