Guest post of the week by Val Flores

My absolute favorite Christmas treat is by far the Little Debbie Christmas tree cakes. For some reason, these little cakes in the shape of a Christmas tree just make my whole day when I buy them. They come in both chocolate and vanilla coating, although both kinds have white filling in them. They are decorated in the shape of a tree, with little sprinkles on them for decoration. Something about how cute they are, in the shape of a tree, just draws me towards them every year. You get 5 to a box for a pretty low price, I think about $1.00 to $1.50 per box, so I try not to get too crazy and eat the whole box in one sitting. Although sometimes I think I could! I get so excited when I see them advertise these treats on satellite tv from, as I know that they are now in the stores, available to buy! My kids love them too, so I make sure to stock up on them when they do hit the shelves.