These are the second part of my previous Nostalgia moment No Place Like Home. We moved out from this place year 1998 because my Dad got laid off from his job as private security in Del Monte. The new management/owner paid all their security/police guard. They can get their job back and be hired with new policy and rules that was similar to an agency and no benefits. Unfortunately, my father decided not to work again under the new management as he didn’t like it that way. Anyway, the last time I visited my friends here in Camp 14, Libona Bukidnon was year 2005.

Mirasol- one of my very best friend

She is my very best friend/childhood friend. I stayed at her place every time I come and visit her and some of my other friends that still live in this place. She’s teaching in the same elem school where we went to and her husband works as private security.
Bougainvillea Street

All streets in this place named after the flower. Have you notice the similarity of the houses in terms of structures, sizes, style and colors? Yeah, they built that way and all DMPI or Del Monte employee have the privilege to live in the house for free with school bus for the kids, and summer beach picnic and more. These are my younger sissy with my lil bro’s car they used when they visited the old town we grew up and spent all our childhood memories.
The Plaza

Can you spot the volleyball net? This was where we played volleyball, tag, hide and seek and other games. We also used to play pretend house using the cut grasses or mulch after someone mowed the grass or used dried leaves. We experienced fall or autumn in this place as it used to have lots of trees surrounded the area.

This was the backyard area of the place. Back when I was growing up, I preferred the backyard in going to my friends house so that no one will see me.
The Checkpoint

All jeepney and outsiders will get inspected before they get inside the camp or premises.