Guest post written by Natalie Peacock

Every time that my boyfriend comes over to my house he makes a little comment about how messy my bedside table is, but I guess that he does have a very good point because any time that I want to look at the time on my alarm clock I have to move stuff and papers around.

I’m making it a project for myself to try and come up with a better way to organize my stuff on it this weekend or either just go all out and buy a bedside table with more surface area on it. I’ve already been looking at a few online with my Wireless internet.

But I’m going to try and make a really big effort this weekend to clear off all of that stuff and find places for most of the stuff that’s on top of that table. I have all kinds of overdue library books there actually and probably spent as much money on that as a hardback book in itself. That’s just even more motivation to clean off that table.