This was the third blog I created when I started blogging. I asked my sister to buy me a domain because at that time Godaddy doesn’t accept paypal payment yet. I have changed multiple times the title of this domain blog. Anyway, this blog also had given 6 opps from BtoP. Other bloggers said that they only get 3 opps from that said paid to blog site and that was it. This was the first payment from BtoP to

Anyway, yesterday I got addicted with the flooding task in Microworkers. I don’t do below $1 opps anymore but in microworkers they’re giving away simple task like Facebook Like, twitter and commenting. There was one opps actually from them for PR2 and PR should be checked in this site to make sure that your IP Add PR is not fake. So I tried to check my pr even if I already know that this blog have pagerank of 2. When I checked my Ip address pagerank the result were all N/A and not found. I was shocked so I checked on other pagerank site and it was still PR2. In fact all my self hosted wordpress blogs have the same result. Weird!