You probably wondering and curious of who these people are? Well, that’s my sister’s husband and the two lovely ladies are his daughter. Therefore, they’re my sister’s step daughters. These pictures were taken 6 years ago.

This was my old house. This was supposed to be my first investment but it went to waste because I got discourage. I could have afford this house if the people around me was very supportive but they never care. My salary when I was still a Teacher II was 12K, and I paid 6K for this house monthly. When I left, the teacher salary had increase 10% I think. Aside from monthly salary, there is other benefits a public school teachers have enjoyed like mid year bonus of 10K, year end bonus and additional Christmas bonus. There was also 4k for uniforms but right now it probably increase, hardship and more extras. When I left, I had worth of 200 i think that I need to get in city hall.

I already spent like more or less 200,000 PHP on this house. I sold it for 5,000. How stupid was that hehhee. I know this was part of the past but I think this past got to do with my present life. It was easy for me to leave this house and forget all the hardship I put into. Now I am paying for it because it’s hard for us to buy a house and we have to give up something and yet no assurance to get a house.

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