We are just renting thid house for more than a year. In those two years, two furniture have broken already. Last month the management came over to checked the house and she said we have nothing to worry about. I’m guessing the owner of this 100 years old house have Total Protect Home Warranty to ensure that every little things in this house are protected. Every now and then we have to call their plumber to fix the toilet and sometime their maintenance people to fix the frozen pipes during winter. With Total Protect Home Warranty their appliances such air condition, or fridge maybe are protected.

However, my husband and I are in the look out for a decent house to move this summer. We have decided to buy a house so we can start saving with the rent. We are hoping to find a house this summer and move right away. Probably we will be needing a Total Protect Home Warranty for the furniture we will acquired in the future.