Because I run after my toddlers every day, I oftentimes miss scenes from my favorite shows if not the entire show itself. Another reason is, the kids wants to watch their favorite cartoons all day long and I always missed those shows I already planned of watching. I hate it when I go away for a couple of minutes and just miss the crucial portion of the entire episode. I’m thinking of getting a Satellite TV that gives me the opportunity to watch more shows on HD.

But then again my first priority of course is taking care of my kids. I may hate that I miss my shows but as soon as I hear my children call for me, I’d leave anything I’m doing in a heartbeat. This is why I’m trying to convince my husband to get a Direct TV for us. With this service I can just record what I want to watch and when the kids are asleep, catch up on the shows and I’m guaranteed not to miss a single scene. Satellite TV has been popular lately, and most packages now come with lots of HD channels so I’m not just guaranteed of watching my shows but in great quality too.