One funny experience that is very unforgettable to us three during this first boracay vacation was the typhoon incident. We spent the night in a waiting shed because they won’t let any boat to cross the island because of the typhoon. The paradise look of boracay was all ruin when the typhoon hit the place. All store were close and no vehicles running. It was so windy and we were in the waiting shed with one sarong only to cover our body. Good thing the mayor brought some burgers to the stranded passengers including us for food. And guess what who was in the first line? Of course none other than us, and we grabbed 3 burgers and a pack of biscuit LOL. Despite of the cold weather, the three of us can stop laughing because we looked and acted like one of our student when they distributed the food.

We laid down some cartoon to sleep at but at the middle of our snoring moment a cold water wet out back. Other people slept in sitting position but sine i am little I manage to fit on top of the typing table all curled up because of the freezing wind. Until now we still talk about this experiences.

2006 Boracay Vacay - My Castle

Do you know that you have to pay 5 pesos to the people who designed the castle just for pictorial? Most people in this area special the resident learn to earn money through tourist. They braid hairs, they build castle and collect a toll of 5 pesos for those who want their picture taken with the castle.
2006 Boracay Vacay with friends. Alma and Yvonne

We went to Boracay just the three of us. Alma had his brother work in Caticlan so we had a place to stay for free that night with free meal also. Early that morning we cross by boat going to the island. In this photo we were getting ready to go back home because we still have seminar to attend.
Taking a boat going to Ilo-ilo from Cebu City vice versa

To save on our fare, we decided to take a boat from Cebu City then took a bus going to Cataclan where we will take a small boat that will cross us to the Boracay Island.
Posing before the typhoon

Good thing we did a bunch of poses and picture picture because that night we arrived in Boracay, a strong typhoon hit the place. The next morning the typhoon was still there but that did not stop us to roam around the place and buy some souvenir items.