Some schools just know what it takes in certain capacities. These are the best out there for a PhD in education and with good reason as you will see here.
Stanford: This is always a good school, but especially so for education. The PhD program here is exceptional and it really helps to prepare students for the outside world from an ivy league point of view. You will have great success if you are able to graduate from here with a degree from this prestigious university.

Columbia: The Teacher’s College here is world renowned and focuses on what you would expect to be a priority here. This is not mixed in with other curriculum but is rather focused on the important matters and lessons that a PhD student in this capacity really cares about.

Northwestern: This Midwest university has a great reputation, particularly within education. This is a well known educational institution and it teaches others how to teach and what it takes to be a recognized force within education for a fantastic career.

Vanderbilt: You can pretty much guarantee that you will be successful with a degree from here. When people hear the name they know that it’s something special and with an educational PhD from here you can pretty much find just about any job that you might be interested in.

Harvard: Another great university with a great reputation that will truly help to prepare you in this very demanding type of degree. Not only can you get a quality PhD degree from here, but you will know what the world of education has in store and what you can do to be a successful part of it.

University of Texas-Austin: This is a university that is well known for many things and education ranks top of the list. There are so many great things about the curriculum and it truly helps to prepare you, which is quite important when it comes to higher learning and higher level degrees such as this one.

UCLA: If you are lucky enough to get into this prestigious university, you can expect greatness. Though they may not have always been known as a teaching and learning institution, they certainly are now. The students can expect to be well prepared for the world of education.

University of Oregon: Perhaps not as well known as other universities, this is well known for education and that is their main focus. They bring in top staff to help prepare students for all levels of an educational degree, and they put a great emphasis on their PhD program.

University of Michigan: Though this university is best known for their medical presence, they also have a strong educational focus as well. The statistics are there to show that students who graduate from here can expect a great success rate in their careers within education.

University of Washington: Topping out the list is this educational institution that specializes in education for their students. If you are seeking out a PhD in education this should be on your list of schools to visit because there is much to gain from here.

Though there are many fine educational institutions out there, these are the best of the best. If you are seeking higher education, then you may want to consider one of these fine universities.

M.J. Frederick enjoys writing about how to enroll in online Ed.D. programs.