I just bought a digital camera couple of weeks ago. It was supposedly a replacement from our three years old camera that died on me when i was in the middle of taking pictures. This camera that I bought was sort of expensive but since it was came from the discount code that I got from blogging, so i did not mind the price at all because I love how it looks. I was having hard time picking what I want then, because I saw a sleek olympus cameras online. But if I buy the other one I would not be able to use the promo code and it will be more expensive. So, I went with the one I could save. I’ve been wanting to have a DSLR which is good for Photography as hobby. All cameras are for photography that’s what they are made for, but what I am talking about was the kind of camera that can captures the details and extra ordinary photography that you can be proud of. I am saving quietly again for this gadget.