I wish i can convince my husband to quit smoking but I’ve tried once already and he said it’s hard. For the smokers out there, have you tried using an e-cigarette?

I was chatting with a friend from back home and she was excited about this new e-cig that her husband is trying out. She said her husband has wanted to smoke for years now but have always had an excuse to buy a pack or two when he’s really stressed out.

As soon as she saw some ad for an electronic cigarette, she immediately read through the brochures and ordered one for him. What she liked about the whole thing is that they can even order flavor cartridges for them. She used to smoke too and she loved experimenting with different fruit flavors so she’s excited to try that out with an electronic cigarette too.

I wonder if my husband will like the electronic cigarette? I hope it works out for her husband and her. I know how hard it is to quit smoking because I personally dealing with my husband’s problem to quit smoking, but if they’ve tried for years then it must really be such a challenge.