This post is not to add insult to injury. Just want to clarify things up so the issue will be stop.

Give the benefit of the doubt

There are probably things that made someone jumped into conclusion and started thinking negative stuff.

First. I know I was active in the meme Nostalgia. But I became irregular in that said meme because I went back to Facebook game and forgot to post something. Part of the reason also that I did not try to post even if I was late it’s because I know that I cannot visit back other Nostalgia. In other words I got lazy in posting meme lately including FTF, PhotoHunt, and more.

Second. Commenting and Visiting.

I kind of not so active in commenting and visiting other bloggers but there are one or two that I visited but not able to visit your blog. But not visiting you doesn’t mean I was angry at you. Give me a benefit of a doubt alright.

Third. Putting Limitations

Perhaps you’ve noticed that in the late part of our friendship i seldom shares information, personal stuff and less chat it’s because I want to put limitations on my end.

I have read tons of your comments that did not relate to my post but it said something else which was offending.

One example was, I posted something about our trip to the mall. I mentioned in the post that I did not able to buy for myself because i was too busy chasing after my dragons. My husband bought a shirt but I did not.

….you commented something like this” Liars go to hell, Mag practice……”

I don’t think so I lied in my post.

Fourth. True frienship

My friendship for you was real, true and genuine. I admired and respected you so much,. So when I heard about the THING I told our common friend and weigh the decision of telling you. I did not tell you personally because I sensed that something went wrong with our friendship deep inside. I also did not tell you personally because I sort of seeing something in you that i cannot explain. Maybe because I was friend with this other group that you don’t want to be engage with. lets give a benefit of the doubt.

Having a friend relayed it to you did not mean you other things. We just want to warn and as a friend we tell truth as well. To clarify everything, no one giving a crap of you. We are bloggers, and bloggers talk about blogging that is useful and helpful with our blogging career.

We never got the chance to talk this kind of things and opened it up between us because you lied to me in yahoo messenger just to shut me off. That action was not really nice though but i respected you that you dont want to talk to me with that matter.

The respect and friendship that I had for you did not changed. Someone knows that. You can tell that too because I still called you twice on the phone.

But after the incident, everything; respect, trust, loyalty and like as a person and friend had disappear together with the Friendship we built up from virtual to reality.