After we moved in to our new house, we’ve been doing our own car cleaning at our backyard. All we do is hooked up the water hose to the faucet and spray it on all over the car. We save quarters with the cleaning and the kids love it too as they get to play with the water. The only part of the car that we did not clean was the inside. My husband already vacuumed the carpets inside the car but since we have two toddlers it will easily get dirty. If only we can do something with our car to improve it appearance I would love to have personalized car floor mats to protect the surface from rain and spills. It is also easy to clean. But we decided not to spend anything on this car anymore because we are planning to buy a new one. This decision is not final yet but I really do hope to have a new car like a van perhaps. Our kids are growing and we need a bigger ride.