Guest written by our friend Mason Abbott

When my husband turned 50 last month I wanted to do something really special for him since he’s always been so good to me. I thought about getting him some kind of accessory for his boat since he spends so much time on the thing but then it hit me…why not get him all those fishing channels he’s always talking about? I went to and got us satellite for the house and he seemed thrilled (well, as thrilled as my husband ever seems.) He actually said that it was really sweet of me to listen to what he wanted and get it instead of just buying something without thinking about it which is about as deep as he’s ever gotten, at least with me! Now he spends every Saturday that he’s not on the lake in front of the TV where he watches other guys catching the big stuff. I guess it won’t be long before I have to get him a deep sea fishing trip for another great gift!