Blackberry cellphone and Android Smartphones

Couple of years ago, my sister gave me her old blackberry. It was a cool cellphone but the thing was I can’t use it besides call and text. Then, last summer I switched the blackberry red with this flip blackberry formerly owned by her husband. It was a neat phone though but the battery was kind of old. I had no problem with it because I don’t used it too often. I got yelled at sometimes because my husband can’t reach me anymore. He started calling me using our land line phone. My cell phone was always out of reach for two reason; out of battery juice or no signal.

One day, the husband had change of heart and mind about cellphones. He decided to get a smartphones after he saw his nephews iphones. I love this android smartphones because I can check FB, twitter, emails and even blog if I want to. One time Jake got his hand on my phone and figured out how to turn it on. He pressed random buttons and made a change with our accounts. It was my fault for not putting it in a place where they can reach, but Joe saw him and was so pissed. hahaha That was a lesson for me. Keep your phone out of reach for children because cellphone services are so ready to add extra charged to your phone plan.