At first, color coding was applied to the traffic force back in our home country to control the traffic of course. But not all vehicles observed this kind of traffic regulations, only those private vehicle. Then, in public schools they started applying this to the teachers uniform. Teachers wear their uniform from Monday thru Thursday. Each day has designated colors and styles of uniforms that the teachers wear to work. I do not know if other business establishments and offices have required their employee to wear uniforms everyday or if they also have assigned different colors of uniform that needs to wear each day. However, I know that nurses, doctors and other medical related workers are now wearing scrubs besides the traditional white uniform that doctors and nurse have been wearing before. Scrubs uniform came in variety if colors such as blue, maroon, pink and green scrubs. They look amazing with those different vibrant colors. It looks stylish, fashionable and refreshing. Aside from the plain colors, you can also buy scrubs with flower designs and alike. There are lots of stores and places selling scrubs but if you want the original scrubs and branded ones, then you should check out Blue Sky Scrubs. You can visit this link and feel free to browse at their website. It’s affordable, unique and great quality.